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randomplay: mallows @ lj (pic#2038117)

random play ☆

i've got you stuck on shuffle

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Name:random play ☆ non-au asian pop role play
Posting Access:All Members

keep on P L A Y I N G ♪
general rules
no uber. things out of character are meant to stay out of character. due to this rule, we ask that you turn i.p. logging off so that users who wish to remain anonymous can.

behave. we ask that you play nicely with each other. if you really have to, please ask the mod for help in settling matters.

even if there are a lot of members, we ask that for the sake of variety you only claim one muse per band.

cross-claiming with both AIM and journals is permitted provided that your muse filters properly!

language is meant to be universal in both the comm and blast. how you handle the language barrier with your personal journal and AIM is up to you.

please claim with your name, journal, aim, and occupation (or band if you are a member) and a little bit about yourself so people unfamiliar can learn about you!

be sure to claim with the "& claim" tag.

if you have an alternate blog (twitter, weheartit, tumblr, etc) feel free to include that in your claim as well. however, this is not required for activity. being active in these alternate blogs does not count towards activity.

any claims made after the 20th will be exempt from cuts.

hiatuses, cuts, drops
hiatuses should be made with the "* hiatus" and "* un-hiatus" tags.

hiatuses cannot last for longer than a month unless discussed with a mod. this is on a case by case basis.

drops should include your name and occupation along with the "& drop" tag.

cuts will be performed on the 1st of the following month.

you may...
. make one discussion post to the community with the tag for that month (ex. 01 2012).

. make two non-private entries to your own personal journal.

. participate in the monthly game or meme provided by the moderator, when available!

please note that for any post to count, it must foster communication. it cannot simply be a single video/image and a line of text.
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